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LOS ANGELES, March 31, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — “Kure is the most dynamic vaping company in the world. As a marine and an executive for kathy ireland Worldwide, I’m well traveled and have hit up vape stores everywhere. No one else has the cool culture of Kure. The flavors, the equipment, the curators make it the opposite of a head shop. Kure is an adult playground. It’s a lifestyle in a lounge. We’re starting contests to create products, art, and better living by vaping with Kure,” said Tommy Meharey Co-Found of I’M1 a subsidiary of Level Brands in Charlotte North Carolina, Vice President and Board Member of kathy ireland Worldwide. “For years my mom was a serious smoker. Last year, our son Ezra was born and I need his grandmother to be healthy. This January, my mom became a Kure vapor and she loves it,” added Tommy Meharey.

I'm1's Tommy Meharey

Kathy Ireland, Tommy Meharey, I’M1

Ms. Ireland congratulated Mr. Meharey on his new assignment for Kure. “When Tommy served our country as a marine, we all knew he had courage, vision and an ability to launch a brand for millennial men and the women who love them. I’M1 is the realization of that vision.”

“Having Tommy Meharey become the face and communicator for Kure separates us from our competition. We are a stronger brand now. I’M1 Vaping juices and equipment are available exclusively at our Kure locations. We thank Tommy, the I’M1 team and Kathy Ireland for making us aware of this outstanding veteran, executive, and lifestyle leader,” said Martin Sumichrast Chairman and CEO of Level Brands, Inc. the parent company for I’M1. Kathy Ireland Serves as Chief Creative Officer for I’M1 and Level Brands.

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