Damiva, kathy ireland® Worldwide & Level Brands launch 100% natural women’s personal care products into health stores

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On the success of the company’s launch into retail drugstore chains, Damiva has expanded into the retail segment of health food stores and grocery pharmacies, with the addition of several U.S. distributors such as Kehe, SuperValu, Certco and new chains including Woodman’s and The Fresh Market.

Founded by Chia Chia Sun, CEO, and Gardiner Smith, President, Damiva is a women’s health company that develops 100% natural personal care products including feminine hygiene, beauty and skincare.

“All of us at kathy ireland® Worldwide and Level Brands congratulate Chia Chia and Damiva on this great and important expansion into health food stores and grocery pharmacies across the U.S.,” says Kathy Ireland, Chair, CEO and Chief Designer of kathy ireland® Worldwide, and Chairman Emeritus and Chief Brand Strategist of Level Brands. “kiWW® and Level Brands are passionate about disrupting the women’s health products landscape and bringing natural and sustainable women’s products to the American market. We celebrate our new retail partners for joining us in fulfilling one of our Millennial Development Goals by bringing Damiva’s 100% natural personal care to women across the U.S.”

“As a woman over 40, my goal was to create new products that women need throughout our lives, especially as we age,” says Chia Chia Sun. “Creating 100% natural products that satisfy unmet needs is our formula for success and the recognition by retailers from multiple channels highlights the fact that women are seeking completely natural, transparent alternatives.”

While Damiva’s products can be used by women of any age, women going through the extreme hormonal fluxes of childbirth, post-cancer treatment, peri-menopause and menopause can benefit from the all natural formulations that do not have added parabens, chemical preservatives or other hormonal disruptors.

Together with kathy ireland ® Health and Wellness and Level Brands Inc., Damiva is working to change how the world thinks of taboo topics such as vaginal dryness while working closely with women on new products to develop. Damiva’s products – including a vaginal suppository, Mae by Damiva, and a labial moisturizer, Cleo by Damiva – are recommended by gynecologists, urologists, oncologists, pelvic health physiotherapists and other health professionals in the U.S. and Canada.

Damiva products are sold on the feminine hygiene shelf in pharmacies and health food stores. They are pH optimized, contain plant-only ingredients and are not tested on animals. Please visit http://damiva.com/ for more information on Damiva and the company’s breakthrough product lines.

Keep up to date with Damiva on facebook.com/dameanddiva and stay tuned for news about the company’s exciting launch of beauty and skin care products in 2018.


About Damiva Inc.
Damiva Inc. (http://www.damiva.com) develops, manufactures and distributes innovative natural products for women, and sells coast-to-coast across North America. A pioneer in the women’s health space, Damiva was founded to create new products – made for women by women – that address important medical needs.

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